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Go Falcons!

Congratulations to Murphy Lee!
2013 Miss Darlington High School

Murphy will compete in this year's Miss South Carolina representing Darlington High School as Miss Falcon. The winner of the Miss DHS Pageant every year will have the opportunity to compete in the Miss South Carolina or Miss Teen South Carolina as Miss Falcon!

Congratulations Miss DHS - Murphy Lee!

Congratulations to DHS's Pageant Winners!
Autumn Dupree-Miss Popular Vote
Madison Grant-Miss Freshmen
Alexis West-Miss Sophomore
Margarita Garcia -Miss Junior
Gabbie Gosnell- Miss Senior
Blaine Eads- Miss DHS

Welcome to Darlington High School, a Palmetto Gold Award winning school, where Academic Excellence is our goal. The vision of Darlington High School is to promote a safe, caring, and positive learning environment that supports the belief that teachers have the right to teach and students have the right to learn. The academic program of studies at Darlington High School is designed to meet the needs of each student who enter our doors. Our academic offerings include College Prep courses, Early College Credit, Honors courses, and Credit Recovery. Darlington High School's “Early College Honors Magnet Program” allows a student to earn transferable college credits while in high school. Early College Honors students soared to great heights during 2013-2014 by earning 252 transferrable college credits. Taking advantage of the numerous college courses offered on the DHS campus, sophomores, juniors, and seniors were enrolled in college courses such as College Algebra, Freshman Composition, Literature, Psychology, Teacher Cadet, US history, and World History. Darlington High School provides students the opportunity to earn a two-year Associate of Arts degree while still in high school by strengthening its partnership with Florence Darlington Technical College.  The graduating class of 2016 includes the first students who will have taken full advantage of this program and will have earned their Associate’s degree the day they graduate from high school. And if the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts degree is not enough to make DHS soar above its peers, the tuition assistance it provides students definitely distinguishes the school from any other high school in the Pee Dee.  Darlington High School does its best to secure complete funding for its program so that its students pay nothing for the courses they take on the DHS campus.  DHS pays the cost of both the balance of the tuition not covered by lottery assistance funds and textbooks, thus saving students and their parents THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in college tuition! Additionally, we are extremely excited about our newly renovated science labs. These labs will enable our students to receive state-of-the-art science instruction. 

In light of all these opportunities for academic excellence, Darlington High School is the school for the college-bound students to excel! As a High School that Works, our school strives to meld academic and technical studies while ensuring that every course is challenging and engaging. Students benefit from integrated long and short term projects. Darlington High School is on the cutting edge of outstanding educational practices. Students are given numerous opportunities to pursue their interests and nurture special talents while completing their academic course of study. As a Renaissance School, multiple school-wide incentives for students and faculty that are achieving and demonstrating Falcon PRIDE are provided. Our athletic teams are among the best in the region and compete for state titles yearly. The Falcon band and fine arts programs are growing and involving more students each year. Our JROTC program is expanding and growing future leaders of our Armed Services. Darlington High School is breaking barriers to allow all students to excel. Come join us at DHS as we pursue educational excellence!

Dr. Greg Harrison

Dr. Greg Harrison, Principal
DHS colors

  • Parents are asked to meet with their child's counselor to schedule an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) conference, if not done so already. Please view the Guidance Department page for more information
  • All teachers offer after school tutoring.  Click here for the Main Campus schedule and here for the Freshman Academy schedule.  
  • Ten Darlington schools win 2013-14 Palmetto Gold, Silver awards

    From staff reports | Posted: Friday, April 11, 2014 8:16 am

    DARLINGTON _ Ten schools in the Darlington County School District have received 15 Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards for general performance and/or closing the achievement gap, according to a South Carolina Department of Education report released Wednesday.

    The SCDE recognized 592 schools and career centers from across the state, down from 677 schools in the previous year.

    Darlington County School District receiving Palmetto Gold Awards are:

    _ Carolina Elementary School, General Performance;

    _ Darlington County Institute of Technology, General Performance;

    _ Darlington High School, General Performance and Closing the Achievement Gap;

    _ Hartsville High School, General Performance and Closing the Achievement Gap;

    _ Lamar High School, General Performance and Closing the Achievement Gap;

    _ Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology, General Performance and Closing the Achievement Gap;

    _ North Hartsville Elementary School, General Performance

    _ Rosenwald Elementary/Middle School, General Performance.

    Darlington County School District receiving Silver Awards are:

    _ Brunson-Dargan Elementary School, General Performance;

    _ Darlington Middle School, Closing the Achievement Gap;

    _ Rosenwald Elementary/Middle School, Closing the Achievement Gap.

    According to the South Carolina Department of Education Web site, General Performance reflects Absolute and Growth ratings on the annual School Report Card. Closing Achievement Gap reflects on-time high school graduation rates of students belonging to historically underachieving groups.

    Of the award recipients, only 65 schools were awarded the gold designation for both general performance and closing the achievement gap. Four of those schools – Darlington High, Hartsville High, Lamar High, and Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology – are located in Darlington County.

    "I am extremely proud of our schools,” said Darlington County School District superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram. “I think these awards show our schools' focus and attention to details in raising the academic bar for our students. We are making strides toward closing the achievement gap and I'm proud of what they have accomplished so far. However, we still have work to do and I commend our schools for their continued efforts on behalf of our students."

    The Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards program (PGS) began with the Education Accountability Act of 1998, giving recognition to schools for high levels of academic achievement and high rates of improvement. The PGS recognizes schools based on the criteria in the statewide Accountability Manual approved by the Education Oversight Committee (EOC) for both general performance and working towards closing the achievement gap. Within those two categories, a school may be awarded either the gold or silver designation. This is the sixth year that closing the achievement gap has been included as part of the program.

    Palmetto Gold Award

    Congratulations Darlington High School on being recognized by the State Department of Education for earning the Palmetto Gold Award for Academic Performance!!!!


    (November 8, 2013) -- The Darlington County School District has the highest graduation rate in the state, according to the South Carolina Department of Education. The district ranks sixth in the state in terms of academic achievement, a slight drop from the #3 ranking of 2012. The school district and nine schools earned EXCELLENT absolute report card ratings, the highest rating given in the annual school and district report cards released today by the South Carolina Department of Education. All but one district school scored Average or above on the report cards.

     “We are very proud of what our schools, teachers and students have accomplished – but we cannot rest on our laurels,” said Dr. Eddie Ingram, district superintendent. “We must continue to push ourselves and our students, exceeding expectations and providing the best education possible. Our teachers are more than up for the challenge and we will continue to give them the tools and support they need to reach their goals.”

    Graduation rates at the four high schools and the district continue to be among the highest in the state. The district’s on-time graduation rate, as determined by the South Carolina Department of Education, is 93.4 percent, slightly higher than last year’s district average and almost 16 percentage points higher than the state’s overall on-time graduation rate of 77.50 percent. 


    Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology, with 100% graduation, has the highest graduation rate among the state’s 226 high schools. Darlington High’s graduation rate increased one-tenth of a percent to 92.34% and Hartsville High School’s graduation rate increased from 90.49 to 91.82%. Lamar High School’s graduation rate slipped from 100% to 93.85%. In addition, district’s gap between African-American students and white students continues to close. The district’s graduation rate for white students is 95.5 percent, while the district’s graduation rate for African-American students is 91.5 percent.


    “The graduation rates in Darlington County are not simple calculations,” said Ingram. “These aren’t just numbers. These are actual students. Our high schools work hard to ensure all students graduate on time. It isn’t always easy, but I applaud the combined efforts of our teachers, administrators, counselors, families and communities to see that every child graduates on time in Darlington County.”

    The Darlington County School District is one of only 30 districts in the state to receive a rating of Excellent on the annual report card. The district is now ranked sixth in the state in terms of academic achievement, outranking all other Pee Dee school districts.
    The annual school and district report cards rate our schools based on student achievement levels set by the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee. Schools receive Absolute ratings – Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average, or At-Risk – based on how their students perform on the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (PASS), graduation rate, the high school exit exam and more.

    chart 3

    In addition to state and federal ratings required by EAA and the federal No Child Left Behind Act, report card data also include student-teacher ratios, dollars spent per student, absentee rates for students and teachers, amount of instructional time, average teacher salaries and the socio-economic status of students’ families.

    The report cards show that poverty levels in South Carolina, measured by a calculation based on the percentage of students receiving Medicaid and/or reduced meal plans, continue to increase. Darlington County School District has a poverty index of 82.66%.

    According to Neil C. Robinson, Jr., Chairman of the EOC, conversations with superintendents and instructional leaders in improving school districts have pointed to an emphasis on improving teaching as the main reason for the significant increase in student performance between 2012 and 2013. The majority of South Carolina school districts have begun to implement the Common Core State Standards, a rigorous set of standards in English Language Arts and mathematics. The integration of the new standards has provided many professional development opportunities for teachers focused on transforming the practice of delivering quality instruction to students.

    Although the results are encouraging, Robinson points out that South Carolina cannot claim victory for students just yet. By 2020, 65 percent of all jobs will require post-secondary education, training, and/or certification. Many high school graduates do not have the skills to be “highly qualified” in an increasingly competitive job market. Additionally, high school graduates often require remediation at the state’s two-year institutions.

    The Darlington County School District is considering several initiatives that will enhance education opportunities for students. These include introducing robotics programs at several schools, an increased emphasis on STEM (science & technology education) at all levels, one-to-one technology deployment, more dual credit courses (high school & college), learning partnerships with area businesses, and expanded foreign language classes.

    “We are evaluating several programs that will expand educational opportunities for our children at every level,” said Ingram. “In doing so, we believe our students and our community will benefit.”


    •  The Darlington County School District has the highest graduation rate in the state, as ranked by the South Carolina Department of Education for the 2013 annual school and district report cards. (District Performance Data, 2013 Annual Report Card, SCDE).
    • The Darlington County School District has the 4th lowest dropout rate in South Carolina (0.4%), according to the South Carolina Department of Education. When talking about dropout rates, the lower the rates, the fewer the dropouts. (District Fact File, 2013 Annual Report Card, SCDE).
    •  The Darlington County School District ranks sixth in South Carolina in terms of the annual report card ratings issued by the South Carolina Department of Education (Ratings & Indices, 2013 Annual Report Card, SCDE).
    •  In every high school in our district, more than nine out of every ten high school freshmen will graduate in four years, according to the South Carolina Department of Education. Mayo High School for Math, Science & has a 100% graduation rate (High School Performance Data, 2013 Annual Report Card, SCDE).
    •  More children are reading at or above grade level by grade three, thanks to the efforts of our primary schools (grades K-2). Reading at or above grade level by third grade ensures children have a better chance of success later in school.
    •  Of the 22 schools in the district, nine schools have received the highest rating of  “Excellent” on the 2013 annual report cards issued by the South Carolina Department of Education.  The Darlington County School District is also rated  “Excellent”. (2013 Annual Report Card, SCDE)
    •  All but one DCSD school are rated “Average” or higher on the 2013 annual report cards from the South Carolina Department of Education. Rosenwald Elementary/Middle School is ranked Average for the elementary portion of the school and Below Average for the middle school portion of the school.

    • Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology is ranked #1 in terms of graduation rate. Lamar High, Darlington High and Hartsville High are in the top 15 schools in the state in terms of graduation rate.
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    DHS colors

    Teacher Recognition at DHS!

    Congratulations, Mrs. Mindy Kimrey!

    DHS's 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year

    Mrs. Mindy Kimrey

    Mindy Parsons Kimrey was born and raised in the Pee Dee region and attended Johnsonville High. After graduating from Francis Marion University, she quickly became a member of the Falcon family! She's been at DHS for nearly four years, and she considers herself fortunate to work with such a wonderful and dedicated faculty.

    When she's not in the classroom, she loves to travel and volunteer with her church on various community projects. She believes that education is a community effort where every person gives back and takes the time to learn from one another.

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