Community Service Information

Community Service for Fall 2020 has been suspended due to social distancing requirements and Covid-19. 

Students enrolled in the Early College Honors Program who are taking dual credit college courses are required to complete one hour of approved community service per college hour they are earning.  This is usually three or four hours per course, and these hours are due at the end of the semester once students have completed their college course final exams. 

Approved community service activities are listed on the link below.  Students participating in community service activities not listed on this link must have their activities approved by submitting the request form to the ECHP Coordinator prior to completing the activity.

Listed below is access to community service opportunities, request forms, and service logs. 

Click here for Community Service Activities 
- Use this link to access the approved DHS community service activities.   

Click here for the Community Service Group Document 
- Use this document to record all community service activity, even if it is for a different club or organization. 

Click here for the Community Service Log
- Every ECHP student is required to turn in a service log and enter the service activity into the group document by the end of the semester once his/her college final exams are completed.  Use this link to access the community service log and the link above to access the group document.

Click here for the Community Service Approval Request Form
- Use this form if you are requesting to complete community service not listed on the DHS options.  This form needs to be completed and the activity approved prior to completing the service activity.