DISCUS and Databases
   DISCUS  If you are using DISCUS at home you need to come by the Learning
                                     Commons first to get a username and password.

Cavendishsquare_Databases    Username:  dhsfalcons     Password:  godhs
  Economic Literacy and Personal Finance

Salempress_Databases      Password:    darlington

      Literature                                                        History
  Critical Insights - Authors                   50 States
  Critical Insights - Themes                   American Presidents and First Ladies
  Critical Insights - Works                     Decades
  Critical Surveys                               Great Events in History
  Masterplots                                      Great Lives in History
                                                           Grey House: This Is Who We Were
     Science                                         Historical Encyclopedia of American Business
  Biomes and Ecosystems                      Innovators
  Encyclopedia of Mathematics               Milestone Documents
        and Society                                    Musicians and Composers 
  Environmental Issues

    Health - General Health

    Careers - Careers in ... 

Occupational-Handbook      No password needed

Occupational-Profiles          No password needed