E-Books and Audio Books
If you would like to read an eBook (electronic book) you may go to the MackinVia link,  the epointplus link, the J. Appleseed link or the Lernerbooks link below.

If you are using Mackinvia the school's name comes up and you need to type in your first name and your last name together for the username and falcons for the password.

If you are using epointplus, J. Appleseed or Lernerbooks 
your username is darlington and your password is falcons.  

**The epointplus ebooks are downloadable and can be read on your device without being on the internet so you can read them while you are anywhere.

epoint booksMulti-user_ebooks

J.Appleseed BooksMulti-user_ebooks

lerner booksMulti-user ebooks and audio books

MackinviaMackinvia ebooks and audio books

Bluford High Audio BooksBluford_High_Audiobooks  This is a free website that has most titles available in audio