College Application Procedures
College Application Procedures

Step 1: Obtain application forms.

Some college applications can be found in the waiting area in the Counseling Office.

Most schools want you to apply on-line, but you can print a paper application from the college's website.

Step 2: Complete the application form.

Complete a paper application in blue or black ink unless otherwise directed by the college.  Applications

should be completed neatly and legibly.

Step 3: Bring your completed application to your school counselor.

Attach the application fee (personal check or money order) to your application.

 If you applied on-line, bring the counselor recommendation form or transcript request form to your school

counselor. If eligible for a fee waiver, one will be provided after completion of application.

Step 4: Your counselor will complete the school’s portion of the application.

 An official transcript of your grades will be attached including the courses you are taking this year and your

SAT and/or ACT scores.

Step 5: We will mail the completed application for you.

Mrs. George will record the date your application is mailed.Please remember to adhere to all deadlines.

 ***Remember to bring a copy of your acceptance letters to your counselor when you receive them.****

**If you have already completed a college application and just need your transcript sent, transcripts can be requested below. 

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