Course Syllabus

Welcome to Food and Nutrition

Darlington High School;

Teacher: M.Davis

Contact Information:



Course Description: Food and Nutrition is designed to engage students in learning and understanding in:  principles of nutrition, maintaining a healthy life style, various components of life skills (Family and Nutrition), general kitchen knowledge, and safe kitchen practices.



 Material Requirements: 

  • Class binder (needed daily) - Folder with pocket- paper.
  • Pen/pencils- DCSD issued computer ( when needed)


Darlington High School Falcon PRIDE demonstrated in the classroom:

          Perseverance   Respect   Integrity   Dependability   Excellence



 -Verbal Warning    -Student-teacher conference    -Parent Contact    - loss of time in kitchen        - Administrative Referral


Grading: Projects /Tests 40%               Quiz/ Labs   30%

Classwork Participation counts 20%.      Homework 10%


Make up Policy: Any assignments missed must be made up. Student should communicate with teacher upon returning to school do decide best method of making up work.


REMIND is an excellent way to stay in touch with our class.