The state requires three units of science to graduate.  Most colleges require three or four science units including three LAB sciences.  Physical Science does NOT count as a lab science.  Also, the state of South Carolina requires students to take an End-of -Course Test at the conclusion of Biology I which counts 20% of the final gradeIt is important that students make guidance counselors aware of their plans for post secondary schooling to aid in preparation and proper registration for courses!

Science  College Prep

9th Grade
- Physical Science CP
10th Grade
- Biology I CP
11th Grade
- Chemistry I CP or Earth Science CP
- Marine Science CP or Earth Science CP or
Anatomy and Physiology or Chemistry II H or Physics H


Science   HONORS/Dual Credit

9thGrade - Physical Science Honors 

10thGrade - Biology I Honors 

11thGrade - Chemistry I Honors 

XXX 12thGrade - Biology 101/Intro to Microbiology or Physics H
or Chemistry II H

XXX Students may choose to take other science courses of interest depending on personal preferences and course load.