Early College Honors Program
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The Early College at DHS

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What is the Darlington High School Early College Honors Program?

The Darlington High School Early College Honors Program is a program that offers students the opportunity to take actual college classes with certified college instructors.  Successfully completing a class by earning a C or higher will result in the student earning at least 3 hours of college credit for each class the student takes.  Students can take as many classes as their schedules will allow or only a few that interest them.  Truly driven and dedicated students can even earn a two-year Associate of Arts or Associate of Science college degree by the time they graduate high school!

What does this mean for students and their parents?

This is an extraordinary academic and financial value for parents and students.  The program currently offers the possibility of 71 college hours.  This means ECHP students and their families can save THOUSANDS of dollars because DHS pays students' tuition and textbook expenses.  

Unlike AP and IB courses, students who earn credit in dual credit classes are guaranteed to have that credit transfer to any public college or university within South Carolina.  Furthermore, participation potentially increases a student's opportunity for receiving other scholarships as well. 

Who teaches these classes?

Each class is taught by a highly-qualified, innovative teacher - some of whom are Nationally Board Certified. Many classes are taught by DHS teachers who are also adjunct instructors at FDTC, and online classes have both a DHS teacher and an FDTC instructor.