For Students

Online College Course Grade Report 
     -- Final Grade Report - Spring 2018 - Click Here

College Course Orientation 

If you and/or your parent/guardian were unable to attend the College Course Orientation or access the orientation in Schoology, please watch each of the videos below,  return the required paperwork, complete the acknowledgement form also listed below, and contact Mrs. Wallace so that she can review this information with you.   Grades 10-12 need to have this completed and turned in by the morning of 8/29. Students in grade 9 have until the morning of 9/6.

     -- DHS Academic Expectations Video -  click here 
     -- Community Service Requirement Video - click here
     -- FDTC Requirements - click here 
     -- Acknowledgement Form - click here

College Course Paperwork 
If you did not receive the required FDTC paperwork from Mrs. Wallace, please print a copy of each of the forms listed below, complete the necessary information, and return them to her ASAP.  
     -- Lottery Waiver Form - click here 
     -- Permission & Communication Form - click here