Honors & College English Summer Reading
Honors and college English classes are rigorous and demanding, even in the summer!    Studies show that the more students read, the more successful they are in school.  Therefore, we want to encourage students to read all year long and for the rest of their lives, introduce them to curriculum topics, enhance specific skills, and prepare them for more meaningful study.  As such, there are required summer assignments specifically for honors and college English students. 

Listed below are the grade level honors and college English summer reading assignments.  Please be mindful that all honors students need to complete the specific honors and college summer reading assignment IN ADDITION to the English II-IV CP school-wide summer reading requirement.

Please select the appropriate class listed below for specific Honors Summer Reading Assignments.

English II Honors Summer Reading

English III Honors Summer Reading

English IV Honors Summer Reading

English 101 Summer Reading

English 202 Summer Reading