Taking the College Classes

Students who are already in the DHS Early College Magnet Program and who wish to enroll in the dual credit courses must complete the following tasks in order to be eligible to take the college classes.  

1) Students will need to apply to Florence-Darlington Technical College (see dates below).  FDTC accredits the college courses that students take at DHS.  This does not mean your child has to then go to FDTC after high school; rather, this allows a student's credit earned in the college classes to transfer to any other South Carolina state college or university.  

2) Students will need to take the Compass test (see dates and passing scores below).  This is FDTC's admissions test and is offered once in the spring semester to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors at DHS.  Students will be assigned to either a morning or afternoon session during one of two days set aside to take the test at DHS.  If a student is absent the day of the test, then s/he must go to FDTC to take the test.  There is no cost for the test.

3) Students will need to sign up for the college classes through their school counselor at DHS.  Please see your counselor for a day and time to schedule classes for the following school year.

Apply to FDTC:

Compass Testing Dates:

Passing Scores on the Compass:*
Reading - 81
Writing - 78
Algebra - 60

 *If a student does not pass one or more areas of the Compass test, then s/he may still be eligible with an academic waiver which requires maintaining a 3.0 GPA.