The Benefits

There are many benefits to being a part of the DHS Early College Honors Program.  Here are just a few:

College Credit

If you pass the course with a C or higher, you are assured to have that credit transfer to any South Carolina public college or university.  Students who take and pass all of the courses currently offered will earn up to 71 hours of college credit, which is the equivalent of more than two years of college; therefore, those students will be ready for the next phase of life after college - work or graduate school - up to two years ahead of their cohort.

No national or standardized tests on which your college credit rests
While the classes do have tests, quizzes, and final exams like any other course, there are no standardized tests on which your college credit depends.  This is a big difference from AP and IB programs.  No matter what grade you make in each of those classes if you don't earn a minimum score on their standardized tests, then you do not earn college credit.  And even then, some colleges don't give credit for passing the test; rather, you need to make a perfect score.

No cost
There is currently no cost to your family for taking our classes.  Tuition, books, and fees are paid for by Darlington High School.  We believe every child deserves an opportunity at a world class education, so we made a choice to fund the Early College Honors Program, leaving your wallet safe and secure.  Students who take advantage of all of the classes offered in the Early College Program will save up to $46,000 in college expenses, which is the cost of two years of tuition, room, and board at some of South Carolina's state universities.

Rigorous Coursework
The DHS Early College Honors Program's dual credit classes are actual college courses.  Students can expect to get the same level of work that they would find if they were in college.  This level of work prepares students to face the challenges they will find in college, which gives them an advantage over the other freshmen

Individual Attention from Highly Qualified Teachers
Class sizes are small.  Honors classes range from 10-20 students in each class and the college classes range from 7-20 students in each class.  Each teacher in the Early College Honors Program has at least a masters degree, and some have also earned the highest level of certification, the National Board Certification.