Academic Coach and Life Skills Class Lesson Plans

 Academic Coach Schedule:
(for each class period)
1.  Bellringer
2.  Notebook Check
3.  Complete EOC/ACT/SAT Prep Classwork
4.  Ask Questions about Assignments from classes
5.  Review for upcoming test/quiz

Life Skills Lesson Plans
The following list shows some academic activities we will be covering the first nine weeks. The student's ability will determine the level of instructions in all subject areas:

Job Skills Math
1.  Adding purchase items to find the total cost.
2.  Computing change
3.  Reviewing Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication with single and double digit numbers
4.  Telling time to the hour.
5.  How to read Bar Graphs

Life Skills English
1.  Review 20 vocabulary words that we see everyday in our environment. (weekly list)
2.  Read a reading selection and answer comprehension questions.
3.  Learning how to formulate a complete sentence or write a basic paragraph.
4.  Reviewing cursive writing.
5.  Completing personal information for future job applicaiton forms.

Life Skills Science
1.  Learning parts of the body and it's functions.
2.  Learning parts of the computer and it's functions.
3.  Discussing hurricanes and how does hurricanes form.
4.  List weather that causes massive damages to the United States.

Independent Living
1.  Learning how to type correctly.  (Typing Skills)
2.  How to fill out job application forms.
3.  Learning our personal information such as street address, city, state, and zip code.
4.  Review weekly word lists and find these words in our daily lives and what it means.
5.  Learn how to call 911...deaf people can learn to make a 911 call if needed.

Career Prep
1.  Learning how to fill out job applications.
2.  How to behave on a job site.
3.  Identifying personal rights for obtaining help in a work place. 
4.  Knowing when to ask for an interpreter on a job site.