Penny Cox




Guess what? 

Your summer vacation is almost over and it’s time to head on back to (Darlington High School).  I hear it is going to be an awesome school year! 


Guess when?

All of the learning and fun begins (Monday, August 15, 2016)


Guess where?

At (9th grade campus).


Guess why?

Well that’s an easy one.  You are excited and ready to start the school year off. You are eager to hit the books, study hard, learn, grow, make new friends, and have a lot of fun.  I sure know that I am ready to teach and help you be successful in your high school career!


Guess who?

It’s (Mrs. Penny Cox) and I will be your Teacher this year! 



Here are 3 things we will be working on the first day of school:

  1. )You will be ask to write and share with the class about your summer. (This is not for you to stress over. We are not looking for a perfect paper.)


  2. )We will be working on fun activities like the one below: solve the following Wordle:



  3. )Remember to have a great first day.

I look forward to seeing you!