Courses Offered By the JROTC Department:

JROTC I - This course introduces the student to Leadership.  It is appropriate for grades 9 through 12.  Course content includes instruction on leadership (with a leadership lab), the spirit of American citizenship and Army ROTC, techniques of communication, first aid, youth health and drug abuse prevention, map reading, American history, physical fitness, marksmanship and safety.  Cadets may try out for Drill Team and/or Color Guard, and participate in parades, numerous community service activities, Adventure Training (rope bridges, rappelling) and Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC). 

JROTC II - This course develops intermediate leadership skills, building upon the first year of JROTC.  It includes communicating through writing and instructing, leadership values and judgment, physical fitness, drug abuse prevention and leadership.

JROTC III - This course provides opportunities for applied leadership development.  Subjects taught include techniques of oral communication, drug abuse prevention, 19th and 20th century military history, computer programming, and the role of the Army in peacetime and service opportunities.  Practical work includes command and staff procedures, drill team and color guard demonstration, and drill at the battalion level.  JROTC Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC) at a military installation is offered to selected cadets.

JROTC IV - To be selected to continue JROTC at level IV, a cadet must complete a summer camp and demonstrate the maturity and ability to work without immediate supervision.  This course stresses developing and applying skills required of staff officers and executives.  It includes instruction in the evolution and causes of The American Revolution, drug abuse prevention, word processing and data base computer programs, organizing and planning trips and projects, training in the management of resources as well as conducting instructional periods and meetings.  Hands-on experience is gained in drill team competitions, color guard demonstrations in the community and drill at battalion level.

JROTC V through JROTC VIII - Students enrolled in levels V-VIII will perform leadership duties and serve as instructional aides with increasing responsibility as they progress from one level to the next.  Instructors in the JROTC program will provide indiviualized curricular activities to meet the needs of each student at these advanced levels.