Drill Team

JROTC Drill Team provides cadets the opportunity to compete in Army JROTC Drill Competitions.  All drill teams train to the standards in Fourth Brigade JROTC Drill Team Competition Memorandum of Instruction (MOI).  Competition events include:  Color Guard, armed platoon/squad exhibition, unarmed duet exhibition, armed dual/individual exhibition, armed inspection regulation, and unarmed inspection regulation.  The goal for our cadets is to train and compete in and win all local, Brigade, Eastern Region, and National Drill Competitions.  Supervisors and cadets conduct safe, rigorous, physical standards in practice and competition.

The Falcon Battalion holds Drill team practice on all Tuesday and Wednesdays 3:30-4:45 pm, if all weather permits us to do so. However, from time to time, practice may be cancelled due to a last minute notification or emergency.

All cadets who decide to participate in the drill team must attend all practices on a regular basis and miss no more than 3 practices a month. They must also sign a written agreement with the Drill Team Commander letting them know that they are aware of all Drill Team expectations and regulations. It is up to the commander whether or not the cadet has proven to be of good purpose on the team. If not, with approval from the SAI, the cadet will be removed from the team and will not be allowed on any other special team.

POC- First Sergeant Carter, Bondre