Great Teacher Websites

Great Teacher Websites 

***The sites below came from Greg Byerly’s articles in November & December issues of School Library Monthly – The focus is calendars and names sites!)

Algebra – Fun with Calendars –

Fun site that uses Algebra to solve a calendar puzzle.

Calculating Time -

Factsheets, worksheets, games, and quizzes are available  and can be used to improve English and math skills.

The Official <st1:ST1:COUNTRY-REGION w:st="on"><st1:ST1:PLACE w:st="on">U.S.</st1:ST1:COUNTRY-REGION> Time -

If you need to know the exact time, this site is the official <st1:ST1:COUNTRY-REGION w:st="on"><st1:ST1:PLACE w:st="on">U.S.</st1:ST1:COUNTRY-REGION> time provided by the time agencies of our country: the National Institute of Standards within the U.S. Commerce Department and Technology (NIST), and the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO).

Calendars through the Ages -

Overviews the history of calendars and has detailed information on Chinese, Christian, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, and even the historic Ancient, French, Mayan, and Roman calendars.

Create Calendar for Any Year - 

Has free printer friendly versions of monthly and annual calendars, and if you specify the country, holidays

 and observation dates will be present.

Earth Calendar: Celebrate Every Day -

You may enter a date, country, or religion and discover what cultural events and special occasions are celebrated

 on a daily basis around the world.

Daylight Saving Time -

Find out anything and everything you want to know about daylight saving time!

Old Farmer’s Almanac -

Find out when to plant crops, flowers, and view predictions on weather, tides, seasons, sunrises, and sunsets.

International Time Zones -

Use alphabetical list to find the current time of any major city of the world. View visual maps of daylight and

darkness and time zone maps of the world.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN)

Find an extensive collection of over 800,000 records. Find all sorts of specific places such as abbeys, zoos, museums, and other important places that relate to art and culture.

Behind the Name - You may have to use this at home because it is classified as an unknown type of website.  Explore the etymology and history of first names in great detail.

Names of Animals, Babies, and Groups - (use at home, catagorized as parked and blocked at school)  Find out what a group of bats is called, a baby seal, a male alligator, a female alligator, and so many more interesting names/facts you may not know but would like to exploreJ

Bow Wow Meow -

This site is commercial and has advertisements but it is only one of the best and biggest if you are in need of a name for your furry loved oneJ

Last Name Meanings Dictionary

Find ethnic origins and meanings of Irish, German, English, French, Italian, and Jewish descents.

Why Do Animals Have Scientific Names

 Great introduction and overview of scientific names.

Some Great, “Name that [blank]” Web sites:

Name that President and Name that State -

Name that Theme Song -

Name that Bug! -

Name that Flag! -

Name that Literary Element -

Name that Motion (Shockwave Physics Studios) -

Name that Color -

Name that Tune (Santa Claus) -

Name that Candybar -
***The sites below came from Greg Byerly’s article in September 2013 School Library Monthly


BBC offers current news and audio in 32 different languages

Computing Technology for Math Excellence –
Discovery Education –

Brain Boosters –

Free classroom resources, useful Lesson Plan Library, Puzzlemaker, and check out Brain Boosters 6 different categories: Categorization, Lateral Thinking, Logic, Number and Math Play, Reasoning, Spatial Awareness, and Word and Letter Play. –

Find many free resources without paying for the subscription, such as free printable worksheets, Vocabulary Word Games, Runway Math Puzzles, Word Walls, and Critical Thinking Puzzles.

The Educator’s Reference Desk –
Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators -

KidsClick –  Offers more than 6,000 selected websites on topics such as Facts & Reference, Health & Family, Computers/The Internet, and Weird & Myserious.

TeAchnology –

Teaching Tips that Work Center –

At your fingertips: “30,000+ lesson plans, teaching tips and themes, 7,500 FREE printable worksheets, games and downloads, ready-to-use rubrics, 257,000 reviewed sites, printable generators, and webquests.” Check out the Teaching Tips that Work Center and gain insight into everyday issues in schools.