Anita Langston

We have been reviewing solving equations.  Friday we have our first test on solving equations.  Students have had many opportunities to practice and get additional help.  Please monitor that your child is practicing problems for the test. 

We are attempting to learn from videos of me teaching lessons and students watching at their own pace.  Students have assignments from each video.  This takes some discipline from students because they are in charge of their own learning.  Many students, however, have not completed assignments.  Please know that I am trying to work with your child so that learning takes place.  We are also working on being responsible.  Most assignments that are not completed in class are assigned for homework.  Please check with your child about missing assignments.

 Please call about any questions you may have. 

Students may retake quizzes and tests.  They need to attend a tutoring session and then may retake the necessary item.  

Phone: 843-398-2851
Tutoring: Thursday, 3:15 - 4:00
PowerHour: Wednesday, 10:30-11:45