Heather Dyar


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Hi! My name is Heather Dyar. This is my seventh year at Darlington High School and I am very excited about this year! I LOVE math and am excited to have your child in my class this year! I graduated high school from Mayo High School for Math, Science and Technology and graduated from Anderson University with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics: Secondary Education. I teach Algebra II CP,  Math 110 and Math 120 (FDTC Dual-Credit Classes)

2016-2017 Mrs. Dyar's Class Schedule:

1A-1B: Math 110/Math 120

2A-2B: Algebra II CP

3A-3B: Algebra II CP

4A-4B: Algebra II CP

4C-5A: Algebra II CP

5A-5B: Lunch

6A-6B: Algebra II CP

7A-7B:  Planning

This week's assignments and lessons are attached to the calendar and notes tabs.  Please take advantage of this, taking note of when tests and quizzes are. If you have any questions please contact me at heather.dyar@darlington.k12.sc.us.  You may also call me at (843) 398-2818.