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Coach Knox

Brad Knox

Hello my name is Coach Knox and I am the High School 101 Instructor here at Darlington High School. I am a graduate of Darlington High School. I have been in education for 7 years. I currently hold a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education (Claflin University), Masters in Special Education (Capella University), Masters in Educational Leadership (American College of Education), and now pursuing  a Doctorate in Leadership from American College of Education. I am currently involved within the athletic department here at Darlington High School as the head boys basketball coach, assistant volleyball coach, and head tennis coach. I value education, simply because I want to help provide a quality educational experience for all students.

This year our students have accomplished many things. I am proud of my student athletes that are going on to play at the collegiate level, while keeping their academics as top priority. Also, I am proud of my students that are going into other careers of their choice. All of my students are champions and for the ones that are returning next year, I look forward to developing you for the 21st century learning.
 Email: [email protected] Contact Information: 843-398-2751 (Ext 82751)