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Honors English Students - Click here for your 2024-2025 Summer Reading Assignment!

Please note: Summer Reading assignments are NOT optional and are due by August 1st, 2024 (1st day of school) regardless of which semester you are enrolled in Honors English!



Core English Courses Taught at DHS

  • 9th Grade: English I CP or English II Honors (Honors/Dual College track)
  • 10th Grade: English II CP or English III Honors (Honors/Dual College track)
  • 11th Grade: English III CP or English IV Honors (Honors/Dual College track)
  • 12th Grade: English IV CP or Dual College Classes (Dual College track)

11th and/or 12th Grade English Electives Offered at DHS

  • Creative Writing 
  • African-American Literature
  • Poetry / Short Stories
  • Journalism 
  • Advanced Composition

English Department & Email Link: