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Exceptional Education

Exceptional Education Teacher Essential Elements:

  • Assess the needs of each child assigned to their classroom list.
  • Develop an IEP stating each child’s present level of functioning, objectives to meet each child’s needs, methods/materials used to meet those objectives, and procedures and schedules for determining when objectives are met.
  • Manage the students within their classroom in order to assure a conducive learning environment that is safe and secure for all students.
  • Develop and implement daily lesson plans that demonstrate how the IEP’s are being fulfilled on a daily basis.
  • Organize the classroom to be attractive and motivational for students’ learning.
  • Instruct students in academic subjects as well as in daily living skills, to include, but not limited to, conflict resolution, hygiene, safety, and food preparation.
  • Create learning materials geared to each student’s ability and interest.
  • Design special help programs for low achievers and prepare instructional materials to meet individual needs of students, with focus on emotional and educational levels of development.
  • Coordinate integration with the regular education program when the students can appropriately learn and achieve in the regular education classes.
  • Observe, evaluate, and prepare reports on progress of students.
  • Coordinate all the necessary supportive services to meet each student’s needs.
  • Complete all required records especially keeping each student’s IEP updated on a continual basis.

****Follows all policies and procedures of the Darlington County School District.****

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