Family and Consumer Sciences

Courses Offered By the Family and Consumer Sciences Department:

Child Development - This course is a study of human growth and development from conception through age six.  The care and guidance of youn children relative to the physical, social, emotional and mental developmental tasks are stressed.  The knowledge, skills, attitudes and understandings gained will prepare students to assume parental roles and.or careers involving young children.  This course is designed for students in grades 10-12.

Family and Consumer Sciences - This course is designed to give students a sampling of the various componenets of Family and Consumer Sciences.  Personal/family relationships, child development, nutrition and fitness, decision-making, sewing, and interior design are some of the instructional units covered in this course.  This course is recommended as the entry-level coursein Family and Consumer Sciences and is a prerequisite for many courses in this cluster.

Family Life Education - Students acquire knowledge about the family as the basic unit of society.  Guided learning experiences help students to increase their understanding about personal and family relationships, life style choices, marriage and family issues, and the management of resources to achieve individual and family goals.  This course is suggested for students in grades nine and ten.

Fashion and Design - Planned learning experiences are designed to develop skills used to create garments and to select, maintain and repair clothing.  Students will construct at least two garments and will be responsible for purchasing the necessary fabric and materials.

Food and Nutrition - Students will study the basic principles of nutrition and its relationship to individual health, fitness and wellness.  Through guided teacher demonstrations and laboratory experiences, students gain skills and knowledge about the food pyramid, safety, sanitation, food storage, basic kitchen equipment and food preparation techniques.